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Ship of Dreams

Ship of Dreams

SKU: SQ5580329

I respond emotively to colour, texture and the symbolism of everyday objects I find in printed media.
I chose newspaper from 1929 and modern magazines to layer the connections I feel with Australia to create my 'Ship of Dreams' series.

The artwork is circular like a port-hole, an opportunity to view and share someone else’s world.

As an island Australia began it's connection with the world through the sea.
Travel is often seen as a luxury where new cultures enamour us and countries stake a place in our hearts, but a journey can also sever relationships between families and take us away from what we call 'home'.

Materials: Collage on board

Size: 90cm W x 90cm H 0.3cm D

Artwork is on 3mm board. Unframed.

FREE SHIPPING - Price includes shipping in Australia and New Zealand for shipping elsewhere please contact me for pricing options.

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