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Binnalong Bay - Petite Diptych

Binnalong Bay - Petite Diptych

150cm x 45cm x 0.3cm - on canvas panel - requires framing to hang

Acrylic, pastel, charcoal and Ink


Binnalong Bay Petite triptych is part of the Tactile Series - inspired by the texture in Nature such as moss, shells and tree bark.

The unique lichen in Binnalong Bay glows like jewels in the sun. This artwork celebrates the exquisite beauty of this with shades of ochre, burnt orange, black - the dark blue sea curls around the black rocks.
I have created an intricately patterned artwork with pastel, charcoal, washes of paint and ink.
The heavy layered texture amplifies the exquisite colours and detailed mark making.

This artwork is made from with Golden Artist Grade texture products that are meant for creating lasting texture on a high quality canvas board.
Each piece measures 45x45cm - with a small gap between each piece will create a hanging length of 150-180cm
This art board is 3mm thick and requires framing to be hung.

Can be hung either sea and rock or lichen up.

Signed on the back.

Commissions welcome

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