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Delft Flora

Delft Flora

122cm (W) x 152cm (H) x 4cm (D)   Acrylic, ink , gold leaf and collage on stretched canvas


Delft Flora is part of the Native Flora series and this artwork is study in a beautiful cobalt blue reminiscent of the famous Delft Blue pottery. The soft petals are captured in a deep blue, a lighter grey blue and highlights of silver leaf. The petals are collaged in soft tissue paper and layers of paint.

The background has a green toned blue and white and it compliments the delft blue and lighter sky blue shades. Highlights of black ink, charcoal and metallic silver leaf give the artwork depth. The silver leaf changes in the light - the camera has captured the silver at it's "shiniest".

This artwork is stretched and ready to hang.This artwork can be hung horizontally or vertically.

If it is stretched on a deep edge 4cm canvas stretcher - the artwork wraps around the edge.

Commissions welcome
There are other similar artworks in the series - available stretched and ready to hang and shipping in a roll 

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