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Blush and Gold Wild

Blush and Gold Wild

120cm (W) x 131cm (H) x 0.1cm (D) 

Acrylic, pastel, charcoal, gold leaf on unstretched canvas

This soft abstract in shades of pinks, cerise, nude beige and blush pink is part of the Banksia series and this artwork is study of wild grass enlivened with a warm palette and gold leaf.
the stated dimensions of 120 x 131 cm are based on the possible framed size
The full un-stretched dimensions of each canvas is 64.5 x 137 .
The room showing the framed images shows each canvas cropped to 59 x 131. Thus allowing enough canvas to frame with and not lose the image.
This artwork ships on a roll - framing can be selected through the Bluethumb framing options.

This artwork could also be stretched on a canvas stretcher, the painting would flow over the edge - on a thick edge stretcher (3 to 4cm thick) the resulting size would be approximately 52 x 125 cm per artwork.

Colours used include shades of blush pink, deep magenta, cerise and multiple shades of light and dark pinks in that colour spectrum.
The background is a warm cream, beige and white. The wild grass is painted and sketched in dark brown, black ink and charcoal.

The gold leaf has been used to highlight the wild grass. Both the gold leaf and charcoal are sealed.  A signature is visible on the RHS of the artwork and reverse of the artwork.

This artwork ships in a roll.


Commissions welcome

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