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382cm wide x 155cm wide x 0,1cm  Acrylic, collage and charcoal on Canvas

This artwork is part of the Dune series traces areas of the coast. Shades of deep blue, light blue, grey blue, deep dark teal, duck egg green with highlights of silver leaf that shimmer across the whole artwork.

A dynamic composition makes this oversized artwork a striking statement.

This artwork is un-stretched and ready to be framed or stretched.
The full size is 382cm wide x 155cm wide - the framed imaged shows the artwork cropped down to 370 x 143cm. The full canvas length and width is painted so the artwork would flow over the edge if it was stretched on a deep edge canvas stretcher.

The artwork is painted in acrylic and with highlights of charcoal, pastel and accents of shiny silver.

I undertake commissions in any size and on stretched or unstretched canvas.

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