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Carved by Sea

Carved by Sea

202cm long x 222cm high  - ships rolled in a tube

Acrylic, copper leaf and charcoal


Carved by Sea is part of the Dune series, inspired by sand dunes and inlets, shells and rockpools.

This huge artwork comes to life with metallic copper leaf and layers of paint and ink with pastel. It is inspired by a worn, old shell and the grooves and colours exposed by the sea.

The colours are black, charcoal grey, an ochre/ terracotta, creamy beige, soft grey and white.
There are areas of collage and gold leaf which have been sealed with a light matte varnish.

This artwork is unstretched and measures 214 cm x 236 cm. By allowing for a 6cm edge where the painting will flow over the edge of the canvas when it is stretched on a canvas stretcher.
The final dimensions will be approximately 202cm long x 222cm high

I can assist with reccomeding a framer for stretching or book a local mobile framer who will come to you and stretch it onsite.

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