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Copper Shimmer Rockpool

Copper Shimmer Rockpool

Copper Shimmer Rockpool is part of the Dune series, inspired by sand dunes and inlets, shells and rockpools.

This huge artwork is inspired by a the sun rippling on the surface of a rockpool filled with seaweed.

The colours are black, charcoal grey, an ochre/ burnt orange, creamy beige, soft grey and white. The greens range from sage green to khaki green, olive green and moss.
There is shimmering metallic copper leaf over the artwork and highlights of black charcoal
The metallic copper will change from a bright copper penny to a deep burnished copper depending on the light.

This artwork is unstretched and measures 162 x 130cm (63.8x 51.2 inches). It will measure approximately 150 cm x 118 cm (59 x 46.5inches when it is stretched over a deep/thick edge stretcher- the painting flows over the edge. It can be hung either way - portrait or horizontal.

I undertake commissions in any size. 
Tip - Book a mobile framer who comes to you!

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