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Dust to Gold 1

Dust to Gold 1

122cm x 40.5 x 3.5cm Ready to hang


Dust to Gold 1 is part of the Faux series, inspired by marble, agate and semi precious stones. This stunning artwork details a gold highlighted slab of marble.

It can also be viewed as an "aerial of a earthy desert or landscape" with mountains and ravines.

Dust to Gold 2 is a companion piece and can be found here 


This artwork has areas of raised texture - visible in the detail shots.

The colours are a creamy beige, tan, ochre, deep brown, black and white. There is shimmering metallic gold leaf and a darker "old' gold metallic paint - both which change in the light from a bright gold to a deep burnished brass or "old gold" depending on the light.

This artwork is stretched and ready to hang.
The painting flows over the edge. It can be hung either way - portrait or horizontal.

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