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Gilded Rise

Gilded Rise

91.5cm (W) x 122cm (H) x 1.8cm (D)


Acrylic, oils and mixed media on canvas, stretched and ready to hang. Signed on the front.


Gilded Rise is part of the Gold series, where i have used gold leaf to create a touch of luxury in a muted palette. The gold leaf shimmers on a highly textured background of pale dusty blue, oyster beige, slate grey and some deeper denim blues.

The combination of heavy texture and light washes of colour create a fascinating landscape highlighted in charcoal and gold.

Perfect for a modern, minimalist inspired interior or a beach house vibe.

Several layers of clear varnish seal and ensure durability of artwork surface.
This artwork is painted on a thin edge canvas providing a lean profile on the wall
Ideal for framing.

COMMISSIONS welcome in any size


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