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Gold Dividing Range

Gold Dividing Range

340cm (W) x 150cm (H) x 0.1cm (D) 

This is an unstretched canvas measuring 352 x 162cm - which allows for a 6cm edge to wrap around a thick stretcher or easy framing.


This large abstract landscape of creamy beige, an almost black brown, shades of off-white with sparks of metallic gold is inspired by wild grass, silhouettes and horizons of distant mountains.

The metallic gold leaf creates warmth and will change depending on the angle of the light. There are areas of collage of a thin translucent paper creating texture.

The final stretched size is 340cm x 150cm

It is part of the Banksia Series and there are similar pieces in this series.

This is painted on heavyweight, high quality canvas for durability and strength.

Commissions welcome - please contact me for more information

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