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Hidden Gold Rockpool

Hidden Gold Rockpool

153 x 113 cm - shipped in a roll

Acrylic and gold leaf


Exposed rockpools as the tide pulls back. Swirling seaweed, glowing abalone shells and the sun reflecting off water.

This artwork is part of the Dune series and showcases the delicate ancient coastlines, the swirling broken seashells and banks of sand held back by tussocks of wild grass and driftwood.

The muted tones of beige, cream, shades of grey and light brown are paired with seaweed greens. The metallic gold highlights change in the light from a warm light gold to a deeper burnished tone.


This artwork ships in a roll for easy framing. - a mobile framer can stretch or frame at your home.


The full un-stretched dimensions are 165 x 125cm. It can hang wither portrait or landscape.
The final stretched dimensions will be approximately 153 x 113 cm on a 4cm thick canvas stretcher.
Framed dimensions will be larger.

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