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Hinterland Gold 1

Hinterland Gold 1

152 cm H x 122 w x 3.5cm D

Acrylic, Gold lef, charcoal and pastel


Hinterland Gold 1 is part of the Banksia series and depicts the element of regeneration and strength. This large abstract uses acrylic, gold leaf and charcoal with collage. There are beautiful areas of layered translucent paper and gold leaf to create an elegant opulence. The background is matte and the plants are glossier deep brown black with hints of dark green creating depth and contrast.

There is a companion piece- available to purchase separately if you require a painting over 2.4m in length. If Hinterland Gold 2 is sold , I can create another complimentary piece.

The background is a warm cream and beige and illustrated with a very dark brown gloss acrylic, a deep moss green, charcoal black and gold leaf

Commission similar in another size.
The artwork is sealed in a clear varnish and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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