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Ikebana 3

Ikebana 3

60cm diameter - round artwork 2cm depth - ready to hang

Acrylic, copper leaf, handprinted paper and ink



This series is inspired by Ikebana, a way of appreciating flowers and seasons. Key elements in traditional Japanese Ikebana are a fresh approach, movement, harmony and balance between Heaven and Earth.

The metallic copper shimmers on the buds of a stem that is placed adjacent to a Raku fired vase. Deep red blossoms are viewed from an overhead angle.
The background is a deep turquoise with shadows of dark blue.
A realistically painted butterfly hovers above this Japanese floral arrangement. The blossoms and buds, symbolise the Spring season. 
Balance and movement is created form the composition that is viewed from above to "ten" or heaven.

Commissions welcome.

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