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Lush Botanica

Lush Botanica

152cm x 170cm - unstretched - ships rolled in a tube

Acrylic and pastel on canvas



This impressionistic floral artwork is inspired the abundance of florals in beautiful vivid tones of pinks, purples, violet, deep magenta, dark cadmium yellow, rosy taupe, dusty rose, and softer pinks. The colours are fluid, like watercolour weaving and blending into each other . Pastel has been worked over the acrylic and there is a lot of detail when you look closely.
The background is a light off white with touches of very pale pink, and there is dark sage green and a softer olive green in the foliage

It has been sealed to protect the pastels and paint.

This artwork ships in a roll - I recommend a Mobile Framer to come to you and stretch or frame it. There is an additional 6cm / 2.5 inches of canvas to allow for easy stretching so that final size is 60 x 71.3 inches (152 x 182cm).

The room setting shows the final stretched size 152cm wide x 170cm high. The total size is 164 x 181cm - and there is an image of the whole artwork, it is painted to the edge, so when it is stretched the painting will wrap around the sides. Giving a complete neat finish

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