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Ochre Copper Wild

Ochre Copper Wild

60.5 x 121.5cm x 3.5 cm  Acrylic, Gold leaf, collage, charcoal and ink


The sun dips lower in the sky, casting deep shadows and highlights on the steep sand dune. Small plants nestle in the crevices and broken branches hold back the red earth.

This artwork is part of the Dune series traces areas of the coast.

This particular artwork is dynamic in composition which is amplified by the limited palette of ochre, terracotta, brown, cream and off white.
The artwork is painted in acrylic and with highlights of charcoal and small parts of collage and gold leaf

The artwork has a neat painted edge in the same colour as the top of the artwork and the signature is on the edge of the artwork.
This artwork is stretched and ready to be hang.

I undertake commissions in any size and on stretched or unstretched canvas.

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