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Rust Gold Flicker

Rust Gold Flicker

It is a diptych and each stretched canvas measures 45.5cm high x 91.5cm long - with a 7cm gap the total length is 190cm.

Acrylic, Gold Leaf, Charcoal and Collage

Rust Gold Flicker is part of the Red Earth series, depicting the drier landscapes throughout the Australian landscape. The sun catches on the grass and the light makes it seem like it is on fire.

This large artwork comes to life with metallic gold leaf and layers of acrylic in dark brown, terracotta, rust, ochre, black, creamy beige and white. there are small areas of collage hand printed tissue.

This artwork flows over the edge of the canvas.

It is stretched and ready to hang

I undertake commissions in any size and on stretched or unstretched canvas please contact me

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