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4.28cm length x 2.14cm height - ships rolled in a tube

The sky is deep rich blue above the arid shrubland of the edge of the desert. Wild flowers in shades of ochre, copper and dark brown reach for the sky. Areas of metallic copper leaf create a shimmer in the muted earthy colours.

This artwork uses an earthy palette of ochre, terracotta, brown, cream, off white combined with a deep blue. It is painted in acrylic and with highlights of charcoal, pastel, small areas of collage and copper leaf.

The signature is on the back of the artwork but the front can be signed on request.
This artwork is un-stretched and is ready to be framed or stretched. Each panel measures 214cm x 214cm. Final framed size will vary on frame chosen.
If the artwork is stretched over a 4cm or 1 and 1/2inch canvas stretcher, the final dimensions will be approximately 202x202cm ( 80" x 80inches). 
A gap of 15cm or 6inches between the canvases creates a final length of 4.2 m or 13 feet.

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