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The Scale of Silver

The Scale of Silver

250 cm x 122 cm x 4cm ( each painting measures 122 x 122cm)

Acrylic, silver leaf and charcoal


The Scale of Silver is part of the Banksia series, depicting the Banksia trees throughout the Australian landscape. This epic scene comes to life with silver leaf and layers of acrylic in soft pale beige, deep grey blue and white. The blue grey is layered in washes of paint, so there are areas with lighter opacity and beautiful granulation.

The mountains are rugged and are inspired by the Grampians, with areas of sandstone showing through. The sky is a very soft beige and white.

The silver leaf is a shiny pure silver in direct light and looks more like a gunmetal in some lighting conditions. This artwork flows over the edge of the canvas.

This is a diptych and each canvas is 122 x 122cm deep edge canvas stretcher, with a small 6cm gap the total length is 250cm. It is stretched and ready to hang.


Signed on the front

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