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Whisper of Light

Whisper of Light

81cm (W) x 122cm (H) x 5.5cm (D) FRAMED IN WHITE
Acrylic, ink, gold leaf and charcoal

This white frame allows the elegant floral artwork featuring wild flowers in shades of white, cream, warm beige, gold and black. The metallic gold gilding changes in the light - like sunlight filtering through the flowers.
The flowers show dappled gold blooms and several unopened buds painted in a way, that evokes a calm energy.

The frame is 5.5cm deep and a perfect fit for the soft and restfulness of this artwork. It is lightweight and comes ready to hang.

By using acrylics in a watercolour technique there is a softness to the layers of colours creating detail and depth. It is part of the Wild Series and there are many artworks in this series.
Search under my series tab for more artwork in the Wild and Native Flowers, Lush Gardens

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