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I capture the extraordinary world  through paint, sculpture and design.

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road tripping
looking back
the accumulation of memory

objects in memory appear closer than they are

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gold topographical lines on a black background_edited.jpg

This isn't a travel blog.
It's a digital sketchbook

Drawings and polaroids
Local and international art residencies


* The crowds recede, the mountain is blurred.
The Art is always the focus

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Dream Home - Channel 7

Golden moments! Thank you to the lovely Jacinta and Jordan for choosing my artwork "Dust to Gold" for reno show - Dream Home on Channel 7. They put their heart into creating an elegant, soulful Dining/Kitchen. Love it!

my art on TV

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Banksia Series

A series focused Australian Landscapes. Earthy colours with metallic gold and copper The Banksia tree is a recurring motif in this series.

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Alpine Series

A series focused on Mountains, Alps, the High Country. Painted "light" and seasons - Dawn and Dusk, Spring and Autumn colours

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Nautical Blue Series

Seascapes and harbours, lighthouses, bridges and sailing boats depicted in shades of blues with metallics.

Dynamic contemporary coastal and maritime art.

nautical blue.jpg

Dune Series

Abstract Coastal inspired artwork - sand dunes, rockpools, inlets and coves.

Contemporary abstracts with texture and metallic elements

dune banner.jpg

Mono Series

Raw black and white monochromatic landscapes. Fjords, black sand beaches, mist and mountains.

Inspired by my Art Residency in Iceland.

mono abnner.jpg

Wild Series

Abstract Floral inspired artwork - wild flowers, native flowers and lush gardens.

Contemporary florals in neutrals and bright colours


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Landscapes, Seascapes, Florals, Nudes and Abstracts

Air Pressure


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Based in Melbourne, Australia.

Laurie is a mixed media artist working with oils, acrylics, textiles, wood and glass to create original tactile art.

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