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90 x 120cm x 2cm thin edge wood panel

This striking mountain landscape is highly textured and layered with rich earthy tones. Beige, tan, light brown, burnt orange, terracotta, maroon, black and navy blue create a highly detailed and sumptuous foreground to the soft feathery grey and white cloudy sky.

There are small areas of metallic silver paint in the landscape - which mostly looks white or gunmetal in different lights.

This artwork is created on a wood panel, it has a 2cm edge and is lightweight.
Ready to hang.
Acrylic, charcoal, metallic paint

FRAMING SUGGESTION - If you are looking at framing - a natural oak frame is suggested ( see included image). A white frame on a white/off white wall would create a floating image and a dark frame on a light colour/white wall will give the artwork a definite edge.

There are similar pieces in this series.

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