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Lichen Orange Ripple - Bay of Fires

Lichen Orange Ripple - Bay of Fires

152cm (W) x 76cm (H)x 3,5cm  Acrylic, oils, oil pastels and charcoal

This dynamic abstract landscape is inspired by the lichen covered boulders in the Bay of Fires, Tasmania.

The colours used are a vibrant satsuma orange, a lighter yellow orange, cadmium yellow, a deep burgundy, white, smokey aqua, seaspray gray, black, brown and shades of a dark pearl blue . The dark pearlised blue will change colour if there is a direct light source (spotlight shined onto it) - but in most lighting conditions during the day it will ripple with shades of a dark grey pearl blue or a blue gunmetal.

I have included an image of the change in pearlied colour - but this is only apparent if there is a lot of light on the artwork and from differing angles.


This artwork ships in a box - stretched and ready to hang.

Commissions welcome

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