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Marking Time

Marking Time

330cm L x 164cm H x 0.1cm Ships unstretched in a roll.


This large abstract is a diptych - each panel measures 148cm x 177cm unstretched.

The final stretched size would be 134cm x 164cm per artwork panel. As there are 2 panels this would measure 328cm long with no spacing between the canvases.

If you hang it with a 12cm spacing the artwork will measure 340cm. 


Approximate cost of stretching is $400 to 550 per artwork depending on your location - this can be done through your local framer.
Fantastic Framing or Mobile Framing that has branches throughout Australia - they offer pickup and delivery making it an excellent choice for this huge artwork.


There is one image that shows how the artwork wraps around the edge if it was stretched - however an oak frame would be an excellent option.


This large abstract landscape is inspired by Kings Canyon found in the Red Centre of Australia. The red red glows with copper, red, ochre and terracotta tones.


This artwork ships rolled in a hard tube.


Commissions welcome

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