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Morning Frost

Morning Frost

110cm (W) x 40.5cm (H) x 3.5cm (D)  Acrylic, Silver Leaf and Charcoal


Inspired by early morning frost on leaves and flowers catching the light like diamonds. The muted tones of a warm light grey and deep warm charcoal black capture the mist of the early morning Sunlight filters through and highlights the plants. The metallic silver leaf sparkles and shimmers.
The silver will change in colour depending on the viewing angle, becoming more gunmetal at some viewing angles and more pure silver at others. see the multiple images.

This artwork is stretched and ready to hang. Each piece measure 40.5 x 51cm x 3.5cm and can be hung side by side in a landscape profile or one above of the other as a portrait profile.
The approximate height would be 110cm with a 8cm gap when hanging one above the other with a width of 40.5cm
The approximate length when hung side by side 90cm with a gap of 10cm between them.

Framing is a suggestion.

Commission similar in another size and colour.

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