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Night Drift

Night Drift

Acrylic, collage , charcoal and copper leaf  85cm W x 120 cm H x 5cm deep


This dramatic landscape of a high Alpine Range shows a snow capped peak and a highly tactile multi-coloured crevasse face painted in hues of brown, ochre, green and copper. The night sky ripples with snow and is painted in deep inky blue, beige an off white .

The copper leaf will change depending on the light source - this image was taken in good lighting to capture the striking nature of the rose gold copper. At some angles and in different lighting it will look more burnished and deep in tone.
This is dipytch and each piece measures 40 x 120cm each, with a gap of 5cm the length of the artwork will be 85cm, with a gap of 10cm the length will be 90cm.

This a deep 5cm edge canvas.

Stretched and ready to hang.
Commissions welcome in any size.

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