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Scree and Shale

Scree and Shale

SKU: SQ1750095

Size: 101cm W x 101cm H x 3.8cm D

Landscapes should give the sense of awe and timelessness, and this is paramount to me when I am painting a landscape.

This striking landscape takes the best from multiple mediums to create a unique statement for any area.
The fast-moving clouds are captured in an ink wash and the clouds are textured with a light layer of white oil paint.
The timeless mountains are formed from layers of antique 1929 newspaper, carefully protected in a layer of clear varnish. The addition of foil, allow the ever-changing mountain slope, as the light in the room changes the shade of the foil from dark to luminous.

Materials: Charcoal, ink, oil painting and collage on stretched canvas.  


Unframed and ready to hang.


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