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Soft Dawn Silver

Soft Dawn Silver

61 x 152.5 x 3.5cm  Acrylic and silver paint with texture


Soft Dawn Silver by Laurie Franklin

This is part of the "Wanderer" series, inspired by the mountains, national parks and early mornings.

"Soft Dawn Silver' is inspired by Grampian National Park.
This large abstract mountain is painted in soft neutrals of beige, cream, charcoal and grey. There are areas of thick texture and metallic silver. The metallic silver is subtle but will change depending on the angle of light and the viewer, it will depend on where it is hung and the amount of light.

The paint has been layered in washes of colour and charcoal and pastel have been used to add detail. There are some raised areas of textured paint. The cloudy sky has layers of soft grey, beige and off white shades.

The painting flows over the edge. It is stretched and ready to hang. It is professionally packed and ships in a box

Signed on the front and back of the painting.

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