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Thredbo Alpine Dream - with silver leaf

Thredbo Alpine Dream - with silver leaf

122cm x 122cm x 4cmD    Oils, acrylics, silver leaf and charcoal

The Snowy Mountains are a stunning part of Australia, this mixed media artwork strives to capture the immense beauty and tactile nature of the snow covered Thredbo.

The paintwork in the sky is thick and textured with shades of white and off white with hints of colour. The landscape is layered with layers of paint and silver leaf.
The colours used here are an off white, pale grey, beige, black, a deep blue and silver leaf. The silver leaf will shine in certain lights, as seen in the second last image and look more gunmetal in subdued lighting.
In a darker room, the silver will appear more gunmetal.

Commissions welcome in any size and colouration.

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